Stages of teething


For parents, teething is an important time in their child’s life and one that may make you slightly crazy. While fevers, upset tummies, and pain are often associated with teething, this is still an important milestone in your child’s life. However, teething doesn’t end once your child breaks through those first few teeth. The stages of teething will continue up well into the age of 2 years or older!

Teething Stages

Most parents remember when their child’s first tooth came through. Most parents breathed a sigh of relief as they thought the worse was over. However, there are still many stages to come:

Stage 1 is the age from birth to 6 months of age: The teeth cannot be seen, but they are fully formed in the jawbones.

Stage 2 is from 6 to 8 months of age: This is the time in which the first teeth emerge. They are usually the lower and upper front teeth. In addition, the incisors may start to come in as well. However, the magic of teething is already in full swing before you see that first tooth.

Stage 3 is from 10 to 14 months of age: The primary molars start to erupt in the back of the mouth in the lower and upper jaws.

Stage 4 is from 16 to 22 months of age: The canine teeth will surface.

Stage 5 is from 25 to 33 months of age: This is the time in which large molars appear and this can often be the most painful time of teething.

Tips to Soothe Children

There are several tips that you can utilize to help soothe your children during this time of teething. These aspects include:

1. Massaging the gums with a clean finger
2. Providing a chilled teeth ring for the child to chew on
3. Providing cold foods that your child can safely chew on
4. Utilizing over the counter medications for the pain that may occur

Remember, if at any time you fear something is wrong, be sure to visit your local dentist. After all, once that first tooth is in, it is time to visit Northwood Dental, your nearby Twin Cities dentist!

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