child with tooth brush

Caring for the teeth of a school-aged child


Once children begin school, parents tend to have less influence over what they are eating and doing during the day. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to set a good example for dental health. Here are some tips from Children’s Dentist Eagan, that can make your job easier as a parent and prevent cavities in your children’s mouths.

child with tooth brush

Be the Best Example

This is the best way to get your child to care for their teeth. By watching you make your oral hygiene a priority, they’ll want to follow suit. Brush and floss daily and make sure you attend your bi-annual checkups. You also want them to see you eating a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and dairy. You think that your child doesn’t notice these things, but they do. That’s why you also need to avoid destructive habits like smoking.

Give Them a Healthy Diet

What a child eats has a lot to do with how healthy their teeth are. Give them access to lots of fruit, whole-grain foods, and vegetables. Refrain from giving them sugary drinks and snacks. These are the top reasons that children suffer from tooth decay. Instead, offer them fluoridated water.

Keep them Equipped

As your child gets older, they need to have the freedom to pick out their own oral hygiene gear. Let them choose fluoridated toothpaste accepted by the ADA that they can use. There’s also plenty of toothbrush options they can choose from, just make sure it’s soft-bristled. Their toothbrush needs to clean adult teeth and baby teeth with ease, so don’t neglect to buy them a high-quality option.

When children get to pick out their own supplies, they are more likely to use them. If you need further guidance, speak with the dentist at your kid’s next dental checkup.

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