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Is it possible that a woman’s dental health could be affected by circumstances that men don’t face? Absolutely! In fact, recent studies suggest that women’s hormones can play a big part in their overall oral health.

Hormones in Women

While it is natural for women to experience hormonal changes throughout life, there are certain times when they are more severe. During puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause, hormone levels can create changes in your oral health.

When hormone levels fluctuate, you become more susceptible to diseases such as gingivitis. It is natural for the gums to become swollen or red during this time. They could even start to bleed. During menstruation, in particular, it is possible to develop cold sores. You might even notice this occur during every cycle.

When a woman is experiencing menopause, there are a number of oral complaints that are common. The first is a dry mouth while others include:
• Distorted taste
• Burning feeling in the mouth
• Unusual pain

During Pregnancy

Most important are the changes that take place in a woman’s mouth during pregnancy. Gingivitis is one of the most common occurrences during this time. In addition, the composition of the saliva can change during pregnancy. Overall, this might reduce the antimicrobial ability of the saliva to fight disease and infection. Another common complaint is a dry mouth. When you produce less saliva, you are more likely to have cavities.

While it is important that you discuss these issues with your dentist, many pregnant women will still avoid making an appointment. Sometimes it’s because they are fearful that the treatments could hurt the baby. The reality is that letting issues go untreated are more harmful to the health of mom and her unborn baby.

In addition, pregnant women should drink plenty of water to ensure the mouth remains hydrated. You may also want to check your toothpaste for the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate. This product can lead to additional drying inside the mouth. Pregnant women will also want to steer clear of any mouthwash that contains alcohol as this can exasperate dry mouth conditions. More than anything, it is critical that women consult with their dentist no matter what symptoms are occurring. Prevention is always a better option than treatment.

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