Simplified Dental Plan by Northwood Dental, Eagan Minnesota

An alternative to traditional dental insurance and a solution for people with no insurance.


Northwood Dental wants to make it as easy as possible to help you keep your oral health at its best.  This is why the dentists at Northwood Dental have developed this plan.  It is meant for the uninsured individual, someone who does not have access to dental benefits through their employer or employees of a small business that do not offer a traditional dental benefits plan.


This plan will enable you and your family to obtain all needed dental services at our office at a reasonable cost without the headaches of having to deal with insurance company paperwork, deductubles or service limitations.


This plan may not be used as a supplemental or secondary insurance plan. To be eligible for participation, you cannot be covered by any other dental insurance plan.


See What You Need to Know about Our Simplified Dental Plan by Our Eagan Dentist


How it works:

There is an annual fee of $349 for the first person in a family and $319 for each additional person, such as your spouse or children up to the age of 26.  You will be issued a plan card which must be presented at each appointment.  A month before your plan expires we will contact you to renew the plan.  The fee for the plan may be paid by: your employer, money from an HSA Plan, a medical Flex spending account or by you personally.


What is included?

The plan includes the following services at no additional cost to you:

  • Comprehensive oral exam twice a year
  • Regular or periodontal dental cleanings twice a year, including a fluoride treatment.
  • Necessary x-rays annually
  • Focused emergency exam once a year with any needed x-rays.
  • (Specialist & Invisalign services are excluded)


In addition to the above listed services, all other services will be offered to you at a 15% discount off of our regular fees.  Unlike traditional dental insurance, there are no waiting periods or deductibles. Services for specialists in and out of our office are excluded from the 15% discount.


No hidden small print - "It's Simplified".

How do I sign up?


You may contact our patient billing office at 651-687-0789 and ask to sign up for the Simplified Dental Plan.  If your employer has provided this plan to you as a benefit you should first contact your employers Human Resources office for information.




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