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An extraction is the process of removing the tooth from your mouth. This procedure is usually considered after all other means of practical repair have been exhausted. Some reasons for extraction include:
-Severe decay or infection for the tooth
-Advanced gum disease, so that the tooth does not by chance adversely affect the supporting tissues and bone structures.
-To create room for other teeth coming in or being moved into a proper place, related to orthodontic work.
-Wisdom teeth or third molars causing pain or they are sometimes before they even come in, to avoid any complications they can cause.
What to expect
Your dentist will first administer anesthetic to numb the area and reduce discomfort. During the extraction, you will feel the pressure of the tooth being removed, but will not feel any pain. Most teeth are able to be removed in a matter of minutes.
Immediately after the tooth extraction, a small amount of bleeding is normal. A gauze pad will be placed over the affected area to help with clotting. Typically you will be given a prescription for pain medication, a medicated rinse and perhaps an antibiotic.  You will also be provided with post-procedure steps to follow.  
If you feel you have a tooth that may have to be removed, get ahead of the issue before it worsens any further. Call our office today at 651-687-0789 or use the online appointment tool now!


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