Dentist Eagan Ways to Recreate Your Smile

It’s Time for a Fresh Dental Start with Your Twin Cities Dentist


With the continuous growth of cosmetic dentistry, there are ways that patients are able to rebuild their smile like never before. They have a second chance to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, depending on their unique dental situation. Thankfully, your Twin Cities dentist at Northwood Dental has all the right solutions for any patient who comes into the office, wanting a fresh start. Below are the different procedures available and what they can do for you!


Dental Veneers
Custom-made shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth, dental veneers are able to improve the appearance of your smile. If your teeth are stained/discolored, crooked, misshapen, broken, chipped, or have spaces in between them, veneers can take care of all these issues! Also, if your teeth are worn down from stress or while you sleep due to bruxism, veneers are able to make your teeth look longer. This is a popular procedure that even many celebrities use!


Dental Bridges
For this procedure, it entails exactly what it says! Your Twin Cities dentist creates a false tooth that’s used to fill the gap between a missing tooth or teeth, essentially creating a bridge. This is because it can be dangerous to leave that gap open and susceptible to any further injury. Your gums are extremely sensitive, especially when the surface is exposed, so filling in that space is highly recommended by dentists. The false tooth is held down by crowns on each side of the gap to keep the tooth secure and working just like the rest of your natural teeth.


Dental Implants
One of the most popular and successful dentistry procedures around, dental implants can completely recreate a patient’s smile and not only improve their dental health but their self-esteem, too! During this procedure, titanium supports are fused with your jawbone to act as an anchor for the implants. They’re natural looking and act just like your natural teeth, as well. If you’re missing multiple teeth, then talk to Dr. Taple about this procedure to find out all of the advantages that it can give to your overall health and your new future.


If you’re interested in learning more about these procedures and the other procedures that your Twin Cities dentist offers, contact our office by calling (651) 687-0789 or clicking here to request an appointment today!


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