Dentist Eagan Toothbrush for baby's teeth

Minneapolis Dentist discuss: why using baby toothbrush is crucial when caring for your baby's teeth

Oral health care of babies is one of the concerns parents have to deal with when the first milk tooth comes out. While milk teeth normally come out once the baby reaches six months, there may be instances when it does not emerge until 12 months after they are born. To take care of your baby’s teeth properly, you should use a toothbrush designed mainly for babies.


Baby Toothbrush

When buying a baby toothbrush, you should get one with soft bristles and a small head. This will allow you to clean all parts of the mouth of the baby. You should check the packaging on the age range of the toothbrush.


As a parent, you can also opt to get a silicone rubber fingertip toothbrush for their babies. This type of toothbrush can easily fit into your finger. It allows you to clean the whole mouth of the baby. Once the baby turns one, a soft toothbrush can be used for their oral health care. The toothbrush should be small enough to fit into the mouth of the baby.


Using these types of toothbrushes ensures that all the parts of the mouth of the baby are cleaned. MOreover, it helps avoid injuring the baby’s delicate gums.


Tips to Remember

To ensure proper oral health care for the baby, you should take into account some tips.

●   The toothbrush should be replaced every three months, but if the bristles start to spread out after only a couple of use, it will be necessary to change the toothbrush immediately.

●   Parents should brush the teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before they sleep.

●  A small circular movement should be used when brushing the teeth and should concentrate on the area between the gums and the teeth.


Choosing the most suitable toothbrush is essential to ensure proper oral health care for babies. Parents should use toothbrushes with a small head and soft bristle to ensure the entire mouth of the baby is cleaned.