Dentist Eagan The CEREC Advantage

How CEREC restorations can help St. Paul area dentist provide fast, beautiful repairs


Patients in the St. Paul area seeking assistance from a quality dentist regarding restorative treatments are encouraged to take the time to speak to the team of Northwood Dental. Drs. Loren J. Taple and Todd M. Thomas are here to assist patients with repairing the smile. In fact, they offer some of the most advanced technology in their practice to provide their patients with same-day restorations. They have invested in CEREC.


CEREC is a specialized device that is used to fabricate restorations. It does so with the help of CAD/CAM software which uses digital impressions of the smile to make porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges while patients wait. Instead of having to schedule patients in for several visits and wait weeks for the fabrication of restorations in ceramic laboratories across the United States, patients can now rest easy in the treatment chair and have their restorations made while they wait. This allows for fast and immediate repair of the smile without temporaries or waiting on a laboratory to complete repairs.


Patients relax in the treatment chair while the teeth are prepared. Oftentimes this requires the removal of natural tooth structure which eliminates the added bulk often experienced after the placement of a restoration. The teeth are scanned and impressions are digitized and used for the fabrication of the new veneer, bridge, or crown. The CEREC machine mills the restoration from porcelain in the dental office and within 20 minutes, the dentist can bond the new repair in place.


The team of Northwood Dental works with patients in and around the areas of Eagan and St. Paul to provide quality repairs for the smile. When restorations such as bridges, crowns, and veneers are necessary, patients can enjoy same-day creation with their CEREC technology. Drs. Loren J. Taple and Todd M. Thomas are proud to invest in their patients with CAD/CAM software for fast, easy, and beautiful restorations while patients wait. Their practice can be contacted at (651) 687-0789 and is conveniently located at 1227 Northwood Parkway in Eagan, MN. Call today to schedule your consultation appointment and find out what sets them apart from the local competition!