Dentist Eagan Tackling Halloween Treats

Keep Your Smile From Slipping to "Spooky" Status

Both National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween fall in the month of October…is that irony or what? It certainly makes you wonder…is this month the best time to learn about proper at-home oral health tips or just a time to be pounding down candy? Your Twin Cities dentist at Northwood Dental argues that we can take this time full of treats and teach you a few new tricks about your oral health care too!


While you can review some of the absolute best tips on maintenance and prevention in our monthly blogs from previous months, today we wanted to focus solely on battling that Halloween candy in the best way possible!


Quantity? Quality? Or Both?

Having big bags full of your favorite bite sized treats available for super low prices this month certainly can be hazardous to your oral health. The sheer quantity of this candy being available to you at any time during your day can propose two unique eating scenarios, both of which can have negative impacts.


All-at-once binging on this candy just doesn’t sound like a good idea but occurs all too often. You take 10-12 of your favorite little bars and have them in a single session- they add up to a regular sized candy bar or worse. Try limiting yourself to 1 or 2 a day, and always be brushing and flossing after taking these in whenever you can.


Steady-stream eating is not so great either. Having 1 piece every half hour during your work day can result in sugar sitting on the teeth for longer periods of time, increasing the potential for decay and other detriments to become prevalent.


Besides quantity, quality also can matter when it comes to candy. Sticky ones, like taffy or soft chews, can get stuck between the teeth easier, and be harder to brush or floss away too. Try developing a preference for chocolate, which may be really difficult, but more beneficial to your teeth.


For more information on maintaining oral health during this trick-or-treat season, call your Twin Cities dentist at Northwood Dental today at (651) 687-0789. Happy Halloween from our family to yours!