Dentist Eagan Should the children use fluoride toothpaste?

St. Paul Dentist discuss the use of fluoride for children

The safety of the toothpaste is one of the top concerns of parents. Whether fluorinated or not, it is important to establish a good oral habit of brushing teeth at an early stage.


American Dental Association (ADA) recommends the use of fluorinated toothpaste for all children regardless of age. However, there are certain levels of fluoride appropriation for different ages.


For maximum protection from cavities, the fluoride toothpaste best for children should contain at least 1000 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride. This is indicated on the toothpaste’s packaging. Fluoride is the very ingredient in toothpaste responsible for cavity-fighting protection. It also helps protect against plaque build-up.


Toothpaste with fluoride is safe for younger children given that a close supervision by an adult is present. The key here is that parents should do the dispensing of toothpaste into the toothbrush. This is to prevent a common condition called dental fluorosis.


Dental fluorosis is a condition resulting from excessive intake of fluoride toothpaste at a young age. There is a change in appearance, more of the color, of the tooth enamel. But this condition is easily prevented with the right care.


Benefits of using fluoride toothpaste in your child


●     A plaque is a film of bacteria forming in our teeth as we eat every day. Fluoride helps remove these bacteria through regular brushing, thus, preventing a build-up.

●     Fluoride helps strengthen weakened tooth enamel. If the weakened tooth enamel is ignored, this can lead to tooth decay.

●     It helps in the prevention of cavities and early stages of tooth decay.


Fluoride can be found naturally in our water sources and some foods. To further enjoy the benefits from it, it has been developed and added to our toothpaste.


In choosing toothpaste for your child, you should be critical. Some commercially sold toothpaste may contain harsh chemicals that are not good for your child. The multitude of choices of brands today makes it harder for a parent to choose a trusted brand. When choosing a toothpaste, you should consider the role of fluoride in your child’s overall oral health.