Dentist Eagan Reshape & Reform Your Smile

Twin Cities Dentist Shares how Lumineers can Transform Your Smile Fast & Easy


Cosmetic dentistry has made leaps and bounds for patients who want a complete smile transformation. While it may be surprising, you’re not alone when it comes to being unhappy with the way their teeth look. Your Twin Cities dentist can perform a number of cosmetic services in order to change the way your teeth look, ranging from teeth whitening to crowns to Invisalign, but our practice also offers Lumineers.


As an alternative option to dental veneers, Lumineers have the ability to cover up any imperfections that are visible on the surface of your teeth. They’re thinner, there is no drilling required preparing your teeth for the Lumineer, and they can be worked around with other existing dental work. They can correct gaps in between your teeth, stains, teeth that appear too small, and more!


What’s the difference between Lumineers and traditional veneers?
Lightly touched on above, Lumineers are unique due to their thin and durable appearance. They’re high translucent, which gives them the ability to replicate the appearance of your natural enamel (the protective surface of your teeth). This option doesn’t require any extra work done to your teeth like traditional veneers do, which means there’s no need to grind down your tooth structure in order to accommodate the procedure. These Lumineers are extremely durable and have the ability to resist wear and tear, lasting for 20 years!


Even though there won’t be any grinding down of my teeth, will the procedure still hurt?
Thankfully, this procedure is completely pain-free! Your dentist will still be able to reshape and whiten your teeth without having to worry about any discomfort. Because they’re extremely thin, they’ll be able to restructure the shape of the Lumineers and fit perfectly without changing the physical structure of your tooth. They’ll be comfortable, look natural, and your confidence will shine!


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