Dentist Eagan Removing Wisdom Teeth

St. Paul Dentist Extracts The Truth For You!

At Northwood Dental, your St. Paul area dentists provide a wide range of dental care, and one of our more common procedures is teeth extractions, such as wisdom teeth removal. Many people wonder exactly what wisdom teeth are. Wisdom teeth are a third set molars in the back of the mouth, and often they cause pain and discomfort upon arrival.
Typically wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 and 25. No matter what age they appear at, it is highly recommended to see your dentist and have them removed. They may not hurt when they first arrive, however, they can cause pain and difficulty chewing later on.
What are the signs that my wisdom teeth are coming in?
There are many different ways to know your wisdom teeth are coming in, aside from seeing them of course.  One distinct sign that your wisdom teeth are coming in may be if you are experiencing pain and swelling in the back of the mouth. You may also experience pain when chewing; however, many people do not feel any symptoms.
Even if your wisdom teeth have grown in pain-free it is still important to have your St. Paul dentist examine them. They may acquire a disease and you may not even feel it, but if this happens, it will be caught early by visiting Northwood Dental as recommended.
If you are having your wisdom teeth remove, you will need to be on a liquid diet for 24 hours post-op. It is also prohibited to use a straw during this time since your teeth and gums are still healing. After the first 24 hours, patients are typically recommended a soft-food diet for four to five days.
If you are experiencing pain in the back of your mouth that you suspect could be your wisdom teeth coming in, please do not hesitate to call your St. Paul dentists at Northwood Dental right away! We can be reached at (651) 687-0789 or by clicking here today!