Dentist Eagan Oral Care for Invisalign Teens

Taking Care of Your Clear Braces

Historically, teeth straightening is something that has been completed during the teen years. Teens may spend a good part of their summer months getting braces put on their teeth, and getting used to their new, metallic smile. Today, there are new choices for how teeth get straightened. Many teens who visit our St. Paul cosmetic dentist are able to achieve their desired outcome in their preferred manner, with Invisalign.


There are several advantages to the Invisalign system, the most notable being that aligners are a far cry from the standard bracket-and-wire method. These aligners are not only clear and comfortable, but they are also not fixed to teeth, which means patients have the best possible experience as their teeth become straighter and straighter. What may also happen, though, is that at teen may not fully understand the consequences that can stem from the freedom of the aligner method.


Oral Hygiene with Invisalign

It is always important to take care of teeth and gums, and there are also times when the care that is given to teeth needs to be even more efficient and more consistent than ever. Invisalign is one of those instances. Even though aligners themselves do not present a direct obstacle between the toothbrush, floss, and teeth, there are some important facts to discuss.


The way that aligners work is by exerting consistent force against teeth. Different than brackets, which cover a small portion of the front of each tooth, aligners fully cover teeth, front and back. Since aligners are worn about 22 hours a day, it is quite likely that bacteria could accumulate within them. This means that bacteria are trapped against teeth. This accumulation of bacteria is only diminished by brushing and flossing - frequently!


Teens who wear Invisalign are encouraged to brush every morning and also before bed. As much as possible, teeth should be brushed after any meal, too. This can be a challenge for the busy teen who has classes, sports, music, work, or other important activities. When brushing cannot be performed throughout the day, what can and should be done is routine rinsing anytime aligners are removed.


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