Dentist Eagan How to Whiten Your Smile for Life

See how Your Dentist Serving St. Paul can Transform Your Smile and Leave it Shining for Life!


Having a whiter, brighter smile is something that a lot of patients want to achieve to share with the world. It’s much easier than you think, especially with your St. Paul dentist! There are a number of benefits that teeth whitening can provide, having the ability to improve your personal and professional life. Below, we’ll discuss what affects and stains your teeth, how it can damage your oral hygiene without proper care, and what we can do to fight the bacteria.


By nature, our teeth aren’t naturally white, but there are healthy and safe ways to make it brighter. Over the years, our teeth suffer from a number of stains and bacterial attacks from the foods and drinks we eat, as well as any bad habits that we indulge in. Your teeth also dim over time simply from age, which gives them the appearance of a darker shade of yellow or grey.


Even though you’ll be investing in teeth whitening service, we still want our patients to practice good oral hygiene in order to take care of your brighter smile. This includes brushing, flossing and using mouthwash in order to remove the bacteria and clean the surface of your teeth to keep its shine. These tools will prevent stains from forming and limiting the possibility of them sticking around.


Don’t be afraid to ask us what are the best toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash for you. Every patient has a unique smile and needs the right treatment plan, so let us help!


Here at our office, we also offer a teeth whitening treatment called Whitening for Life! This is for patients who want their brighter, whiter smile to last a lifetime. Click here to learn about our service and the additional special offer! Call your dentist serving St. Paul today at (651) 687-0789 to schedule an appointment or consultation and start your teeth whitening journey today.