Dentist Eagan How Invisalign Works

Eagan, MN area dentist describes how Invisalign works


Patients located in the Eagan, MN area unhappy with the alignment of their smile may be afraid to ask their dentist about options available. They may assume traditional metal bracket and wire braces are the only way to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Fortunately, fewer dentists are referring patients out to orthodontists for a treatment of malocclusion and are providing in-house solutions such as Invisalign.


What is Invisalign? Many patients who hear about Invisalign are intrigued. This alternative to conventional orthodontics allows patients the ability to improve their smile without brackets and wires. It typically provides results in a shorter period of time. Instead of using traditional orthodontia, Invisalign works with a clear aligner tray. The trays are custom-made using digital impressions of the teeth and software which lays out the best way to realign the teeth over time to get them right where they need to be! A series of trays are made, and patients are advised to wear each tray two weeks at a time before progressing to the next one. By the time they reach their very last tray, they should see the amazing results achieved!


With Invisalign, the prosthetics are easily removable. This allows patients the chance to remove their trays for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Many patients find that it is easier to care for their smile with Invisalign versus conventional braces where it can be difficult to work with brackets and wires. Better oral health during treatment is not the only advantage. Patients find the Invisalign trays to be incredibly comfortable, discreet, and easy to us. Compliance is important in achieving desired results. If patients fail to wear their Invisalign trays as directed, they may experience delays in treatment and additional costs if new trays are necessary to completing the process.


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