Dentist Eagan End Dental Emergency Pain

Your Eagan Dentist can end the Pain of a Dental Emergency


Any kind of emergency situation can be extremely stressful. Unexpected events such as an injury or an intense toothache seem to have a knack for occurring at the most inopportune times, like smack dab in the middle of a relaxing weekend, when it doesn't seem like any dental office would be open. Patients of our Eagan practice can feel confident knowing that they have access to an experienced dentist when they need care, no matter what time of day or night.


Our team has the extensive training and experience that enables us to handle the vast majority of dental problems that may arise. We understand how stressful dental pain can be, and we work quickly to lend the support you need, whether that is advice to get you through the night or direction on where to go for immediate care. In any case, priority is given to your comfort, first and foremost.


What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

There tends to be this perception that a dental emergency involves some type of injury. A tooth has gotten dislodged or completely knocked out. In reality, these types of urgent problems are pretty rare. What causes most emergency visits to the dentist is a pain.  Yep! A good old-fashioned toothache!


Make no mistake, a toothache can be a real pain. The problem may have had a slow onset, masquerading as tooth sensitivity for a few days, or a few weeks; and then, Bam! Intense, throbbing pain can almost bring you to tears. The underlying cause for tooth pain could be a cracked filling, fractured tooth, or infection. Whatever the cause, the immediate goal is to resolve pain as quickly as possible.


The dentists at Northwood Dental schedule care as soon as we can. We move quickly to determine what has happened to your tooth or gums, and we administer medication as needed to improve comfort. Once we can identify the initial problem, we create a treatment plan to eliminate it, and to restore the tooth to an optimal structure so the likelihood of future damage is decreased.


Don't call your dentist only when you have a painful problem. Schedule your check-up and cleaning with our friendly team at (651) 687-0789.