Dentist Eagan Eliminate Wisdom Teeth Pain

Twin Cities Dentist Discusses Wisdom Teeth


What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that erupt in your mouth and the third pair of what is known as the molar teeth or molar pairs. They grow in the lower and upper backward regions of your jaws. Wisdom teeth start to appear between the ages of 18 to 29. Since most of your teeth erupt within the infancy and early teenage, it quite likely that you have never experienced pain while a tooth erputed prior to your wisdom teeth. 


Why Wisdom Teeth Causes Pain?

These pair of molars cause immense pain because they erupt through bursting the gums, and often at a wrong angle which disrupts or even harms the other teeth in front of the Wisdom teeth. Another factor is that due to a mature age, you actually feel the effect of a rising tooth out of your skin which causes much irritation and stress to your backward jaw region. The incorrect growth of the Wisdom teeth, medically known as Impaction, could also cause other serious issues in your mouth such as infection or lumps, which additionally augments the pain factor.


How To Get Rid Of Wisdom Teeth Pain?

There are various ways to do so, but all of those ways must need to be clinically reviewed and recommended by a professional and reliable dentist. While you may not always have the right time to visit a dentist at once in the hour of aggravating pain, there are some things you can do immediately at your home to get rid of the pain caused by these molar teeth.


For instance, you can use a pain killer which contains Ibuprofen formula (better if it is specifically for dental pain).


Use of ADA certified Benzocaine mouth gels are also a very effective way since they can be easily applied on the part of gums from where Wisdom teeth are protruding. A simple salt water mouth rinses (with warm water) can also soothe the pain quite effectively as the combination of warmth & salt numbs the affected place. However, if you suffer from any serious malice such as an infection or lumps in your mouth, it is best to go to a Twin Cities Dentist instead of doing a home remedy first.