Dentist Eagan Early Orthodontic Intervention for Kids

Minneapolis Dentist discuss Early Orthodontic Intervention for Kids w/ Buck Teeth

Children with buck teeth or prominent front teeth requires early orthodontic intervention to straighten their teeth. This is to improve their bite and appearance. Upper front teeth that are sticking out are more likely to get broken in an accident. Additionally, the appearance of buck teeth can lead to your child getting bullied by other children.


Early Orthodontic Intervention


Any age can actually be a great time to see an orthodontist. However, the American Association of Orthodontist highly recommends that you take your child to an orthodontist at age 7. Early orthodontic evaluation enables early detection of problems, thus, leading to more effective treatment. By monitoring teeth growth and development, serious problems in the future are prevented. Children’s teeth are still growing and developing. Their skeletal structure is in fact, still malleable. This is why finger or thumb sucking can lead to buck teeth. But during this time, it’s also possible to modify their jaw development. By orthodontic intervention, the need for tooth extraction or surgery later in life is reduced.


Benefits of Early Intervention


There are several benefits to early orthodontic intervention. Some of the good results of early orthodontic treatment include:


  • Space is created for crowded or growing permanent teeth
  • Facial symmetry is improved by impacting jaw growth
  • Risk of trauma due to protruding front teeth is lessened
  • Space for unerupted teeth is preserved
  • Need for permanent tooth extraction is reduced
  • Treatment time with braces is reduced
  • Child’s self-esteem and self-confidence is improved


There are several functional and health concerns that emerge from misaligned or buck teeth. Your mouth and teeth play a vital, yet overlooked role in ensuring proper food digestion and positive overall health. This is why getting a beautiful smile shouldn’t be your primary motive for getting orthodontic treatment. People with healthy teeth has been proven to live healthier and longer. Correcting your child’s misaligned teeth will influence your child’s likelihood of having a healthy and beautiful smile.