Dentist Eagan Diabetes and Oral Health

St. Paul Dentist On Diabetic Detriments

With the rates of diabetes increasing across the United States, it is becoming ever more common for Northwood Dental, your St. Paul dentist, to treat a patient facing this condition. And while diabetes is known for its ability to negatively impact the entire body, its ramifications for oral health often go unnoted. As dentists, we find this surprising, for diabetic patients, are about twice as likely to lose teeth, and one in five complete tooth loss cases are related to diabetes.


It would seem that some of the best ways to prevent both diabetic issues and/or subsequent tooth loss would be “the basics.” Brush your teeth, floss, monitor blood sugar and watch what you eat…right? Unfortunately, diabetes is a complex disease and can spiral out of control quickly and unexpectedly. Some of the oral health impacts that diabetes can have include:


-Gum disease

-Altered taste profile

-Chronic dry mouth

-Infection & more.


To review a more comprehensive and complete list of ways diabetes can impact oral health, please take a few minutes to look through the following informative slideshow:


Of course, the above suggestions are great ways to begin monitoring and taking care of both diabetes and oral health, but make sure to never miss out on an appointment with Northwood Dental, your St. Paul dentists, to complete your regimen. Call our office today to schedule an appointment at (651) 687-0789.


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