Dentist Eagan Cover Those Flaws

How Porcelain Veneers can Help you Love your Smile


Since the dawn of cosmetic dentistry, we have seen the path to a gorgeous smile become far easier to travel. Generally speaking, our smile is the first representation of ourselves to the world. For that reason, many people have become more concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Visible flaws can be improved in a number of ways, leading not only a greater aesthetic value but also to higher self-esteem. 


One of the fastest ways to get the gorgeous smile you desire is to consult with your St. Paul cosmetic dentist. During a brief visit, you have the opportunity to talk about the flaws that are keeping you from loving your smile. If you struggle with problems related to discoloration, teeth whitening may be a quick fix. If your concerns are more extensive and relate to the size or shape of your teeth, you may be an excellent candidate for porcelain veneers. Once you see how straightforward and effective this treatment is, you may be ready to get started right away!


What to Expect


A smile makeover involving traditional porcelain veneers requires two visits and a slight modification to your natural tooth structure. This is done to create space for the "shells" of porcelain to sit flush against the gums while covering the defects on a tooth or teeth. Patients of Northwood dental also have the option of learning about the LUMINEERS process, which requires no reduction of the natural tooth (meaning that treatment is reversible if this is ever desired).


Both options in veneer treatment provide a cost-effective solution to the various issues that could detract from the smile. Whichever method is selected, we go out of our way to ensure that each veneer is customized to the precise brightness, shape, and size to achieve the desired outcome. We understand that the best results from cosmetic dental treatment are results that look natural.


There is no reason to go through life feeling less-than-pleased with how you look. If the issue at hand is the appearance of your teeth. We can help you. Schedule a consultation in our friendly office to explore your options for smile enhancement.