Dentist Eagan Consider Dental Implants

Want to get Back your Natural Smile? Consider Dental Implants!


A natural smile is one that we can feel confident in sharing. It is a feature that consists of all the teeth we need to chew and bite, to speak with clarity, and to look attractive. When tooth loss occurs, we lose more than we may imagine.


When we lose teeth, it is not only the visible crown that disappears, there is also a loss beneath the gums; and it's substantial. We don't often consider the value of the roots below our teeth (many only know that they don't want to have a root canal!). These structures are vital, though. They keep our teeth from moving around in the mouth! Roots run from the jawbone through the ligament and up into each tooth. They deliver nutrients in one direction, and stimulation in the other. Without them, bone tissue deteriorates. This consequence is usually noticed in the person who wears dentures.


So What do we do?

Restoring teeth is one thing, restoring full function is another. We can see this when we take a look at how dentures work, or even a dental bridge. These fixtures replace teeth, not roots. A bridge may feel somewhat dependable, and it is. However, its reliability for chewing is based on the strength of surrounding teeth. Anchored onto adjacent teeth, the bridge places more stress on them to sustain functionality. Dentures are not anchored to anything. Sitting across the gums, a denture is supposed to stay in place solely with suction. People who wear dentures know how well this works. Even with denture adhesive, stability can be a hit or miss prospect. To resolve these issues, we look at replacing roots as well as teeth.


How we do it

Root replacement is relatively new in dentistry, emerging in the last half a century. This treatment, dental implants, has been used around the world for several decades now, allowing us to observe and measure the value of this restorative process. Dentists and their patients have been consistently pleased with the results. This is because implants gain their stability just like natural roots do, from the bone. As such, the outcome of care is a look and feel that rivals natural teeth. What could be better?


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