Dentist Eagan Cavity Fighting Candy

Minneapolis-St.Paul Cosmetic Dentist On a Sweet Anomaly

Your Minneapolis-St. Paul cosmetic dentist at Northwood Dental knows that the term “cavity fighting candy” sounds a bit out there. After all, most candies are loading with sugar and acid, which feed bacteria that can eat away at the teeth- causing cavities. And as a frequent reader of our dental blog, you know you can curb the way these bacteria interact with the both by brushing, flossing and eating healthier- but that’s not all that can be done.


Just as man has learned to alter his environment by adding or removing certain elements to benefit growth and function, so can be done with the mouth. Enter licorice root. This age-old root once chewed on by the hunters and gatherers of the world, actually holds a multitude of oral health benefits. In its purest form, no- not dyed red and in a foot long rope, licorice root can help change the environment of the mouth. It ultimately makes it so that the bacteria responsible for cavities have a harder time surviving in the mouth.


But if licorice root is so old, what could it have to do with a new candy that fights cavities? Well, a new company has created lollipops called “LOLOZ” that contain no sugar, taste great, and use licorice root and a regimented approach to stop cavity causing bacteria. You can find out more about how these pops work and where to get them by clicking here: More at Dentalbuzz.


No matter what candy you do or don’t put in your mouth, regular appointments with Northwood Dental, your Minneapolis-St. Paul cosmetic dentists are needed to keep your teeth at their best! Contact our office today by calling (651) 687-0789.


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