Dentist Eagan Build a Bridge for a Top Smile

Why Twin Cities area patients may want to have a dental bridge placed by their dentist


At Northwood Dental, visiting a dentist for tooth replacement options shouldn’t be overwhelming. Our dentists understand that patients in and around the Twin Cities have many dental offices to choose from, as well as many solutions that can be used to restore the smile. However, one commonly requested solution is that of dental bridges.


Dental bridges are a wonderfully economical way for patients to replace one or more teeth within their smile. This method is highly recommended for individuals who are also seeking a permanent replace. Unlike a denture which is removable, dental bridges are bonded in place. Patients with dental bridges need to ensure they follow certain protocols when it comes to taking care of them. For example, bridges require patients to floss underneath between the restoration and the gum line to ensure food particles do not become stuck and contribute to the development of periodontal disease or cavities.


Dental bridges are highly recommended because they have several benefits. First, dental bridges are often covered by dental insurance plans. Patients who are worried about cost often pay less out-of-pocket with assistance through their insurance coverage. Second, dental bridges are permanent and do not need to be removed and replaced every day as dentures do. Third, a dental bridge can last many years with proper care and attention. Patients do need to visit their dentist regularly for examinations and x-rays to check the health of the teeth underneath the bridges. They are still susceptible to periodontal disease and cavities and should be evaluated regularly.


Drs. Loren J. Taple and Todd M. Thomas of Eagan, Minnesota in the Twin Cities area are excited to help patients restore their smile with dental bridges. Contact their team today at (651) 687-0789 or by visiting the practice personally at 1227 Northwood Parkway. Our friendly front office team welcomes patients into the practice and can help them schedule their very first consultation appointment with our dental staff. New and existing patients are welcome in our state-of-the-art practice conveniently located in the Twin Cities area.