Dentist Eagan Archived 2015 Blogs

Learn All You Need to Know about Dental Care from Your St. Paul Cosmetic Dentist

Northwood Dental provides a number of informational and educational blogs regarding your oral and dental health, including awareness and associations, tips and tricks, different available services, and more. When you're not visiting your St. Paul cosmetic dentist and improving your oral health there, we want you to stay informed on any and everything about your smile.


Below, we've listed our monthly blogs and included the title of the articles within each month from 2015. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call our office today at (651) 687-0789.




February 2015

  • Kicking Harmful Habits


March 2015

  • Naturally Whitening Foods
  • Brush Maintenance
  • Sensitive Teeth Troubles
  • Dental Rumors


April 2015

  • Going Invisible
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Trouble with Tiny Beads in Toothpaste


May 2015

  • Causes of Bad Breath
  • Eat Your Greens to Avoid Oral Cancer
  • The Tell-Tale Teeth
  • Daily Tips for Great Oral Hygiene


June 2015

  • Selecting a Toothbrush
  • About DIY Teeth Whitening
  • Updates in Cosmetic Dentistry


July 2015

  • Damaging Sports Drinks
  • Why Our Teeth Turn Yellow
  • Time to Share Your Smile
  • Dentistry On-the-Go


August 2015

  • Foods that Protect Your Teeth
  • Protect Oral Health from Gum Disease


September 2015

  • Why Children's Dentistry Matters
  • Reasons to Smile
  • How to Save Your Teeth


November 2015

  • Flossing Facts
  • Smile Wreckers


December 2015

  • Warning Signs of a Cavity
  • Are You Feeling Sensitive?
  • Dental Difficulties on the Holidays